Mingzhu building

Pearl  Construction Group CO., LTD. was established in 1994, which owns the qualifications of general contracting grade A for house and construction building engineering, building decoration engineering professional contracting grade 1, general contracting of municipal public engineering grade 2, earth and rock engineering, mechanical and electric equipments installation, construction curtain wall project and steel structure engineering professional contracting grade 3. The company now has more than 2,000 staffs, among which, there are more than 300 professional and technical personnel and more than 100 employees that have senior professional titles. Adhering to the business strategy of Based on this city and expand other places, business of the company has spread to Yongkang, Jinhua, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hainan and other places. The company has advanced large and medium-sized mechanical equipments and the annual construction capacity reaches more than 1 million square meters.

It is the first company in Yongkang City that won general contracting grade A for house and construction building engineering qualification (March, 2006), and it has completed Mingzhu Hotel, Nanlong Square, the New First People s Hospital and other high, large, difficult and new landmark buildings, which is the most influential company in construction industry of this city.

In 2104, the company had passed the review of Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technology Center of Construction Industry, which is the only company that won this award in construction industry of this city till present.

At present, the company orderly promotes transformation and upgrading, operating performance grows and the comprehensive strength is steadily improving. Build our enterprise into a more scale, more professional and more characteristic one is the persistent pursuit of Mingzhu people. Mingzhu people believe that the company will build more high quality products for society and provide more satisfactory service with noble professional ethics, scientific management methods and exquisite construction technology under the sincerely cooperation with all circles of the society.


  • 4500

    Existing staff

  • 520


  • 280


  • 10million

    Construction ability

Profound history

Since its establishment in 1997 has been more than 20 years of history.

1995 - Qianjiang cup pearl predecessor stone building in Zhejiang Province Construction Quality Engineering Award, Yongkang city to achieve zero breakthrough.
1997, Zhejiang Mingzhu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was formally established.
In March 2006, the company achieved a general qualification of housing construction contract.
In 2007, Luban prize, the company contracted relocation first people's Hospital of Yongkang city project won the highest award of national high quality project, again to refresh the highest award of Yongkang construction industry.
In September 2014, Yongkang became the first provincial enterprise technology center.
In 2015, the Pearl photography art museum was founded, the concept of combining art and architecture. When the company paid more than ten million, ranked Yongkang hundred.
In August 2016, the Pearl building officially upgraded to the group, the business covers the housing construction, municipal, decoration, building materials, engineering testing, labor and other fields.
Profound history

Complete qualification system

Have a real level, decoration level, municipal level two, level two, three curtain wall steel structure, mechanical and electrical installation qualification three.

Housing construction general contracting level
Architectural decoration decoration engineering professional contractor
Municipal public works construction contractor level
Electrical and mechanical equipment installation contractor Sanji
Three professional contractors building curtain wall engineering
Steel structure engineering contractor Sanji
Earthwork engineering contractor Sanji
Complete qualification system

Strong technical force

Relying on provincial enterprise technology center, vigorously promote the development of new technology, new technology, promotion, application.

Aimed at the development direction of the industry, to comply with the government policy guidance, combined with the actual construction, actively carry out technological innovation activities.
Set up enterprise technology center, enhance R & D capability. In the industry, the company established the enterprise technology center, the introduction of advanced professional and technical personnel, extensive research collaboration.
Strong technical force

Whole industry chain layout

Relying on building materials, engineering testing, labor, construction machinery, construction technology and other companies formed a complete industrial chain construction.
Whole industry chain layout

Advanced business philosophy

Implementation of the strategy of going out, then a project to build a boutique project, to open up the market side, so that we use the account for the monument monument.

In recent years, the company attaches great importance to the promotion of corporate brand image, the establishment of full-time propaganda officer, increase publicity funding, multi-channel, all-round development of corporate brand image publicity:
1, Upon layer by layer, it is fortunate to be selected into CCTV - discovery channel" quality" column, and has been on the CCTV discovery tour channel.
2, Through the enterprise website, wechat ems-cnpl and other network media to promote, good results.

3, Through the on-site Observation tour, enhance the project and company visibility, invite relevant people to field investigation to promote the marketing work.

4.Aiming at the emerging areas of PPP and new rural construction, while consolidating the dominant areas, focus on new areas.

Advanced business philosophy

Brand image promotion

Pearl Art Museum, set up a bridge between art and architecture.

In order to carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, to enhance the company's economic strength, while enhancing the company's cultural soft power. This year the company invested heavily to build the Pearl art museum. At present, there are two galleries of Photography Art Museum and museum. The art of photography exhibition area of 600 square meters, with outstanding photographers to showcase the works at home and abroad, and regularly hold the theme of the exhibition, make exchanges with domestic and foreign famous photographers. Become friends of the city park. The museum has a large collection of historical relics and art treasures, especially, all kinds of bronze Buddha statues, porcelain and other rich collections, high grade, by experts and enthusiasts.
The creation of Pearl Museum of art, enrich the connotation of enterprise culture, enhance the overall image of enterprises, promote enterprise and community communication, also is the enterprise culture of the society with a best return.
Brand image promotion

The fruits of excellence

Had the highest prize of national construction engineering Luban award, and won a number of provinces and cities such as Qianjiang cup, Shuanglong cup quality engineering award.

Over the years to establish and improve the quality assurance system, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, occupation health and safety management system certification and environmental management system certification. The company by virtue of the quality of Societe Generale, science and technology enterprises, the implementation of brand strategy, the construction of the project has won the "Luban prize", "Qianjiang Cup" and other national and Provincial Quality Engineering Award, and has won the "Zhejiang province construction industry credit enterprise", "advanced enterprise" in Zhejiang province and the "contract and keeping promises" the unit, as well as "excellent construction enterprise", "customer satisfaction in construction enterprises".
The fruits of excellence

Enterprise honor

Was awarded the advanced construction enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the construction industry in Zhejiang integrity of the enterprise, for 20 consecutive years was rated as the top 100 tax, tax winning enterprises, for the past 10years was rated as a unit of labor management trust.

Enterprise honor