Excellent talent allocation: the convergence of the industry elite (from top to employees). Pearl company focuses on the introduction and cultivation of talents. At present, the company has the industry's largest registered cost engineer, certified public accountants, registered construction division, and brought together the industry's elite composed of the city's most competitive management team.
Paradise of the struggling: to Pearl, first-class. Pearl construction has a better strategic management approach, the development of the company and the Department of strategic planning, the implementation of strategic rolling management, and guide the healthy development of enterprises. Give the company "based on the field," business strategy, the company's business has been gradually to the province of Yiwu, Pujiang, Wuyi, Panan and other counties and the province of Jiangxi, Anhui, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places to expand, the company towards a broader market, toward a new height of development of pearl.Through continuous improvement of the compensation system, the use of equity incentives for the struggle to create career platform. The company requires all employees to stick together and continue the road of struggle. People can get a new life in the struggle to change the fate, in the struggle, to create value in the struggle; the company will also make to officers who have the opportunity to officers who have the stage, do nothing, status and dignity.